Senin, 04 Februari 2013

Changes In Jazz Machine Kustom Signal

INDONESIA - Modified engine is one sector which is considered equal assessment criteria pervariabelnya division. Honda Jazz style Kustom Signals is trying to maximize the performance of the basic engine GE8.

Internal engine is one of the earlier work, in which CP Piston, Conrod Handlebars applied in line with overseas applications for both.

Work blueprint engine powered by Erwin Bandung and Indra Steady Automobile Engine Tuner.

The next job is the addition of components HKS Turbo kit with custom piping additional applications, manifold and air filter HKS, injectors for K20 engine and fuel pump added to help increase the maximum power.

Computer machines using Haltech PS-500 and Device8 emulator and Haltech Haltech boost controller. Several other machines kompatemen (written on spec completeness) make berpenggerak matic machine is getting the dyno at 181.1 Horse Power on dyno results in Nusa KS.

According to KS Nusa dyno operator, Ovi, This is the highest ever dyno results for Honda Jazz Matic in Nusa KS.

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